Are You Aware of the TX Real Estate Licensing Requirements?

Do you want to become a licensed real estate salesperson or a real estate broker in the State of Texas?

Maybe you are wondering…

How do you get a real estate license?

Pursuant to legislation by the state of Texas, the Texas Real Estate Commission is tasked to monitor the activities of real estate workers, such as brokers, inspectors, and salespersons, and to ensure that licenses are duly given to individuals who have completed the prerequisites.

The Benefits of Online Instruction for Getting a Texas Real Estate License

Applicants for a Texas Real Estate License are required to show proof of coursework completion as part of their credentials.

There are many options for completing these required real estate courses, including community college classes and private schools offering traditional instruction.

Here is a brief overview of the requirements for real estate licensing: for real estate salesperson licenses, you need to have completed 210 hours of approved courses by the TREC.

These courses you may complete through online studying from CELI at

What are these courses, specifically?

According to TREC, you must have shown proof that you have finished, the Principles of Real Estate, Law of Agency, and Law of Contracts, to name a few.

There are additional courses you may take to complete another semester of 60 hours, and the TREC site lists them down for you to browse.

You can find out more about real estate license courses by checking the Texas Real Estate Commission site, or you can also check out the site for Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc. at

Remember, real estate laws in the state of Texas prohibit anyone from practicing in the real estate industry without the duly issued license.

Another option for many is a TREC state-approved online real estate school. This option is comparable in cost to traditional instruction, but offers many other benefits.

The main benefit is that the course can be completed at the student’s own pace. This could either be faster or slower than the traditional classroom method. Classroom instruction can take up to 16 weeks or more.

Another benefit is that the course can be completed at home or wherever an Internet connection is available. If you are already working or have a family, this greatly reduces the stress of having to attend classes every night or on the weekends.

An online Texas online real estate school will prepare you to take the Texas Real Estate License exam with optional practice tests. This way the student will be confident they have mastered the material before they take the state exam.

Author: Gemma-Leigh Garner

Gemma-Leigh Garner lives in Austin,TX and is a direct response copywriter that writes as on many different business financial topics.