Are You Aware of the TX Real Estate Licensing Requirements?

Do you want to become a licensed real estate salesperson or a real estate broker in the State of Texas?

Maybe you are wondering…

How do you get a real estate license?

Pursuant to legislation by the state of Texas, the Texas Real Estate Commission is tasked to monitor the activities of real estate workers, such as brokers, inspectors, and salespersons, and to ensure that licenses are duly given to individuals who have completed the prerequisites.

The Benefits of Online Instruction for Getting a Texas Real Estate License

Applicants for a Texas Real Estate License are required to show proof of coursework completion as part of their credentials.

There are many options for completing these required real estate courses, including community college classes and private schools offering traditional instruction.

Here is a brief overview of the requirements for real estate licensing: for real estate salesperson licenses, you need to have completed 210 hours of approved courses by the TREC.

These courses you may complete through online studying from CELI at

What are these courses, specifically?

According to TREC, you must have shown proof that you have finished, the Principles of Real Estate, Law of Agency, and Law of Contracts, to name a few.

There are additional courses you may take to complete another semester of 60 hours, and the TREC site lists them down for you to browse.

You can find out more about real estate license courses by checking the Texas Real Estate Commission site, or you can also check out the site for Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc. at

Remember, real estate laws in the state of Texas prohibit anyone from practicing in the real estate industry without the duly issued license.

Another option for many is a TREC state-approved online real estate school. This option is comparable in cost to traditional instruction, but offers many other benefits.

The main benefit is that the course can be completed at the student’s own pace. This could either be faster or slower than the traditional classroom method. Classroom instruction can take up to 16 weeks or more.

Another benefit is that the course can be completed at home or wherever an Internet connection is available. If you are already working or have a family, this greatly reduces the stress of having to attend classes every night or on the weekends.

An online Texas online real estate school will prepare you to take the Texas Real Estate License exam with optional practice tests. This way the student will be confident they have mastered the material before they take the state exam.

The Texas Real Estate Laws Changed With a New Act

In August 2008, the Federal government passed the SAFE act that will be changing many ways that Texas real estate sales must be handled for a select group of people involved in finance, loan limits, tax issues, and mortgage originations.

In other words, more people in Texas will need a real estate license than had to have one in the past.

For those who are finding that the changing laws are requiring you to sit for Texas real estate licensing exams, the foremost thing to remember is that the Texas Real Estate Commission can refuse you the chance to take your real estate exam if you have taken training from a school not approved in their list.

Check that Texas Real Estate Commission approved school list before wasting money on classes from an unapproved source.

In Texas, it is very important to take your real estate training from a school that has been approved to teach this material. The Texas Real Estate Commission keeps a comprehensive list of approved offline schools, online schools, and home study courses that interested members of the public can see without fees attached.

Texas has the right to refuse real estate licensing tests to anybody who has not taken their training from an approved source. With the Federal S.A.F.E. act passed in Aug. 2008, many areas of real estate requirements will be changed so that some will need to take new licensing tests. In Texas, it is best to take your training from an approved source.

A Texas Real Estate License Could Just Be Your Ticket to Self-Employment

Every now and then, people get frustrated when they call a real estate office to ask a very simple question about a real estate advertisement that they’ve seen, and they are told to call back later to talk to somebody with more knowledge or experience.

The reason behind the simple questions not being answered is that the State of Texas requires all people who participate in any part of a real estate transaction to have a Texas real estate license. If a real estate office secretary does not have a Texas real estate license, they can not answer many kinds of real estate questions even if they know the answer.

Becoming a licensed real estate salesperson, broker or real estate inspector in Texas can be a great reward.

For this reason, many real estate offices will not hire any secretarial help who is not licensed by the State of Texas as a real estate salesperson.  Today with our economy so bad, jobs are sometimes hard to find.

For those who have a real estate license, part-time jobs with real estate brokers can often be found quicker than other types of jobs that are advertised to the general public.

To become licensed as a real estate person in the State of Texas, contact the Texas Real Estate Commission to look at their list of approved training providers for your area. Real estate training proof is required before the State will let you take a licensing exam. Texas keeps an approved list of training providers such as so that it is easy to know who gives classes.

Getting a Texas Real Estate License Might Be Is Easier than You Think

In today’s economy, a great majority of the real estate available in Texas is selling at great prices. There is excellent money to be made in helping consumers find and connect with real estate bargains. Getting your own real estate license is much easier than you might think!

Here is the quick and easy process of getting a state-approved real estate license online

The first step is to complete the educational requirement needed to satisfy the conditions of the Texas Real Estate Commission. This may feel very intimidating, however, a good bulk of the necessary education can even be completed online!

Companies such as Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc. (C.E.L.I.), who offer an online program that can help you meet these regulations. You will need to complete the following courses in order to acquire your Texas Real Estate License.

The Principles of Real Estate(60 hours), Law of Agency(30 hours), Law of Contracts(30 hours), another core real estate course(30 hours) which you can choose from options, and another four-semester course requirement in related courses which the commission would find satisfactory.

At this point, the majority of the heavy lifting is done. Simply allow for the Commission to evaluate your educational documents, submit your application, and you are ready to take your exam. Within six months, this exam must be completed.

The Commission will then investigate your background and make sure that you are not currently in default on student loans. Now you simply find an agent with an active Texas real estate licensee that’s a broker who will sponsor you as a salesman. This will allow you to broker some deals under this person to get your feet wet. Now you are well on your way to becoming the next big Texas real estate success!

You will get a great new opportunity when you switch into the Texas real estate field. You will find that you enjoy a great, rewarding career when you are helping others to find the right home for them. You will also see that there is plenty of money to be made in the field.

Make the most of your experience in the Texas real estate field and you will be well on your way to enjoying the benefits of this exciting career. To get into the Texas real estate field you will need to get your license. Getting it online is the way to go and you can visit is this site at to do just that.

Thanks to online courses you will be able to get your real estate license at your own convenience. It will prove to be a great experience for you and then you will be able to get out there and make some money.

With the online school you will be able to schedule the classes that you need at the times that you want and you will be able to work from home.

With this great new career choices comes many great possibilities, so begin your start to getting your real estate license online and then you will be able to work in this fantastic career.

The Benefits of Having a Commercial Liability Policy for Any Product Business

Many businesses sell products that meet the needs of people. Whether its an appliance, a vehicle or even an electronics product, there is much demand for various products.

When selling products it is very important that they include things such as a warranty and return policy. However, there is another thing that is just as important.

This important provision of products is liability insurance coverage.

Product liability insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides legal protection for the maker or seller of the product due to claims or safety recalls.

There are some good reasons why product liability insurance for small business is something all business owners should consider. One of the advantages of product liability insurance is simply protection from liability. In case a product is sold and has the potential to be hazardous, a company selling it can avoid costly consequences in case a customer is injured from it in some way.

Another advantage of product liability insurance is that it can provide an additional warranty. In case someone finds the product defective, the company can avoid a potential lawsuit or accusation of misrepresentation. So having this type of insurance policy can provide additional accommodation for customers.

A third advantage of product liability coverage is that it can help ensure that the product is safe and meets the customers’ needs. If there is a situation where the product doesn’t work the seller will be able to cover this situation by making sure that it is repaired and works properly.

As a result of these advantages, having product liability insurance is very beneficial for many businesses that sell products, especially ones that can be potentially hazardous.

Protect Your Product Manufacturing Business from Claims and Damages with Product Liability Coverage

Product liability is a very real aspect of every manufacturing business so coverage and the liability requirements are very important to understand. As per US law, goods under liability include protection of life, body, health, and other things, which are harmed by a faulty product.

Product manufacturing liability insurance can protect the manufacturing business against damage claims made by victims in these aspects. If any person suffers or gets harmed due to problems with the products, you have manufactured, he can sue you and claim damages. The product liability insurance will come in handy in a situation like that.

The environmental assets of the life, body, and health were not defined in the law with respect to product liability insurance earlier.

In this regard, it must be assumed that the definition itself depends on the legal system of each state. Liability for damage to property or bodily injuries are limited to defective products, which were intended for private use or consumption. This formulation includes damage to products in a business activity.

Although only the manufacturer is known as adhesive to the product, a differentiation is necessary because different types of products might be differentiated by the manufacturer. If you are a manufacturer, you can surely get product liability insurance.

In addition, other persons can be covered under product liability policy in certain cases, examined as a manufacturer or in other roles. Identifying the actual manufacturer is very important for product liability insurance.

The actual manufacturer is the person who has produced a product or has obtained a product independently. Here, the term product producer includes the manufacturer of the end product, product part, and ground substance. All three are equally liable to the injured party as a person related to the defect in the product.

The people who pick the product only on the instructions or positioning, but do not intervene in the matter, are excluded. The manufacturer of the final product shall be liable to the end-user for any defect in the product, even if only a part of the product is defective.

The quasi-manufacturer is also important in the product liability insurance scenario. Even someone who is not the actual manufacturer of a product must follow the liability concerns. For example, a party can pose as the manufacturer by affixing their name, trademark or other distinctive marks.

Here, the presence or application of a brand name or a trademark on the product is not absolutely necessary. The packaging or an enclosed instruction is quite sufficient if this happens. Another important role is that of the importer.

In case of the importer, the economic purpose of a product in a foreign country lies within the scope of the agreement on the International Business Law. Under this law, a pursuant can be considered liable as a manufacturer.

The background is that it is not reasonable to expect the claimant in terms of consumer protection. There is a need to assert his rights in a third country. The import must be done in the context of business activities and for distribution. Thus, you can get product liability insurance in foreign countries too.

Understanding How Products Liability Insurance Coverage Can Help Protect You from Liability

There are a number of misconceptions about liability and insurance when it comes to product-based businesses.

Most business owners think that their general business liability insurance policy is all they need but this opens them up to a lot of risks.

Any business that manufactures or sells products should carry a product liability insurance policy. This type of coverage protects from product liability related risks that are specific and outside of what a general liability insurance policy carries.

Product liability insurance can help you protect yourself from damage claims made by people who have been harmed by your products.

In order to get product liability insurance coverage, the damage must have been caused by the defective product.

A product is considered movable even if it is incorporated into another movable item or into an immovable if it runs on electricity.

The explicit mention of the electric current is necessary because this does not apply in US law as chattel.

There are specialized policies for each type of business risks that you can get. For example, if a business sells sports and recreation products and equipment they should consider getting specialized products liability coverage for sports for their unique type of business. This type of coverage will help protect the business based on their unique risks.

If a product needs an external element like electricity to function or move, the manufacturer can take advantage of this. The manufacturer’s liability will not apply for if the product was not manufactured for sale or in case of distribution for an economic purpose. In these cases, the context of employment is important.

The error with the product is an important aspect of product liability insurance. The damage must be in accordance with the law. It is also based upon a defect in the product.

With a defective product liability claim insurance will be needed to help protect you. If there is an error in the product, no insurance company or government provides the required security. In assessing the required level of security, the presentation of the product, the anticipated use and the time of marketing must be especially considered.

The error must have been present at the time of the placing on the market and not caused later by usual wear and tear.

An error has to be affirmed with regard to the analysis done for advertising and the expected treatment (except for children’s toys, etc.) These factors influence the security features to be expected. A fault is not required to get product liability insurance.

Another important aspect of product liability insurance is marketing. Starting point for the liability of the manufacturer is the fact that he has brought the defective product into circulation.

The Product Liability Act excludes the liability of the manufacturer, in the event that he did not put the product into circulation. Marketing is blamed for this too.

If the product has been stolen, misappropriated or was lost during transport and was found by another, marketing is not considered to be responsible. In this scenario, the manufacturer can claim damages under product liability law.

If the product is deemed for the purposes of testing and has not yet been placed on the market, the manufacturer cannot get the product liability insurance.

The product liability policy is quite strict under the product liability law.

A fault is considered to be a liability under the Product Liability Act if it was defective in production and got into commercial distribution.

There are a lot of consequences of product liability insurance. The legal consequences of product liability in USA are regulated by the Civil Code. Replacement of the product with respect to compatible damage is a common consequence.

According to the regulations of the product liability, the manufacturer can claim for damages in order to get protection on goods that have harmed consumers. The manufacturer will use the damages to replace the products.

The liability includes life, body and health. Liability for damage to property is limited in product liability law.

This is because, product liability insurance mainly focuses on products, which were produced for private use or consumption, and mainly used by the injured to their nature.

If the physical damage to the injured party is in accordance with the law, a principal amount of non-refundable (excess) fine needs to be paid. For personal injury, the liability limit is 85 million dollars.

Overall, product liability insurance protection should not be optional insurance but should be necessary as it can shield you from risk and could help save you in the event of a lawsuit.

How an IT Professional Can Stay Protected by Professional E&O Liability Coverage

Business risks and liability are something that all freelancers and contractors worry about. The fact is if you are in business then you face liability risks every single day.

It does not matter if you are a new IT worker or highly renowned professional such as an IT Engineer, Web designer or Web developer, Software Programmer, network system’s administrator or Computer IT consultant; a single legal claim by your client or your employee against inappropriate services can ruin your entire career and lead to a huge financial crunch.

Information technology consultant workingYou may already understand what business general liability insurance is but you may not have heard of specialized coverage for professionals and you may be wondering if you have the proper coverage for your IT business.

The big question that comes to your mind might be – how can you defend yourself in a legal situation accidently caused from your IT services?

Well, the answer is simple.

The very best way to protect yourself is to get professional liability insurance customized for your type of IT service business.

The next question that might strike your mind is – what is professional liability insurance?

The concept of professional liability insurance has become increasingly popular in recent days since people who are running a successful business or planning to open a new one are always concerned that they do not land themselves or their company into any kind of mishap.

However, you should be extremely careful if you feel that you already have General Liability Insurance coverage. The reality is that General Liability coverage will not defend you from mistakes, accidents or bad information given while doing your professional service. You have to have a specific professional liability insurance policy called an E&O.

With that said, anyone who is engaged in rendering service to the people rather than providing products should apply for Professional Liability Insurance coverage.

This is the most transparent answer to – What is Professional Liability Insurance vs Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Furthermore, known as (E&O) Errors and Omissions Insurance, this is a type of Professional Liability Insurance policy that is highly useful in preventing an IT tech or a technology service provider from going bankrupt due to legal issues.

At any time, a customer can lodge a complaint against you for various reasons, for example, if your service has resulted in a wrong effect (error) or if your service has been ineffective in accomplishing all the desired results (omission).

Even an expert is bound to commit errors at some point in time. It is a fact that a small mistake committed unknowingly can ruin you completely, so covering your business with Professional Errors and Omission’s insurance will definitely be a great help in the long run.

IT consultant professional liability insurance is also available for consultants in case of any client lodges a claim against the consultant for giving incorrect information or giving improper guidance. The consultant professional liability insurance comes at a low-cost and can be afforded by any person capable of starting an IT related business, and it provides financial help to a consultant failing to provide correct information or guiding the client in the wrong direction.

You should always keep certain important points in mind like you should always do proper research before selecting any insurance company. You must try to find an agency that has good records in the technology industry and has full knowledge about your areas of dealings. You should also ensure that most of the risks are covered under your insurance rather than negotiating with the insurance agents so that you have to pay a small premium.

You must also prevent yourself from changing insurance companies frequently since it is not a necessity that a service which was insured by the older company will not be insured by the new company and the earlier one will also deny any service since you have changed the company. It can also be termed as “insurance for IT techs” as it is highly useful for them because their services can break down at any point of time even without their prior knowledge.

If a client sues your technology company in situations where your IT services have stopped performing midway, or you haven’t fulfilled all your promises, the agents at SADLER Insurance quotes for Techs shall come to your rescue since you are properly insured.