The Texas Real Estate Laws Changed With a New Act

In August 2008, the Federal government passed the SAFE act that will be changing many ways that Texas real estate sales must be handled for a select group of people involved in finance, loan limits, tax issues, and mortgage originations.

In other words, more people in Texas will need a real estate license than had to have one in the past.

For those who are finding that the changing laws are requiring you to sit for Texas real estate licensing exams, the foremost thing to remember is that the Texas Real Estate Commission can refuse you the chance to take your real estate exam if you have taken training from a school not approved in their list.

Check that Texas Real Estate Commission approved school list before wasting money on classes from an unapproved source.

In Texas, it is very important to take your real estate training from a school that has been approved to teach this material. The Texas Real Estate Commission keeps a comprehensive list of approved offline schools, online schools, and home study courses that interested members of the public can see without fees attached.

Texas has the right to refuse real estate licensing tests to anybody who has not taken their training from an approved source. With the Federal S.A.F.E. act passed in Aug. 2008, many areas of real estate requirements will be changed so that some will need to take new licensing tests. In Texas, it is best to take your training from an approved source.