The Road to Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent

In these uncertain economic times, a real estate license can be an invaluable asset. Real estate as a secondary career, or a full-time career change, has proven to be a rewarding experience for many people from many different backgrounds.

A benefit to becoming a licensed real estate professional is that you do not need to be a college graduate to enjoy success in the real estate industry. The process to

get a Texas real estate license from a state-approved real estate school may be easier than you imagined.

The first step for Texas residents over the age of 18 to earn a Texas real estate license is getting a solid educational background. Only state-approved real estate schools can provide the in-depth knowledge needed to become approved by the state.

In total, new real estate professionals will need to complete 210 hours of education. Upon completion of the educational requirements, the Texas Real Estate Commission will evaluate the final credit transcripts or certificate of completion for a $30 fee. After the commission approves the credits, the applicant can submit an Application for Inactive Salesperson License in the amount of $97 to the Texas Real Estate Commission.

The Commission will provide approved candidates with a Candidate Information Brochure (CIB). The brochure provides detailed instructions on how to register for the examination. The applicant must pass the examination within six (6) months from the date the application is filed with the Commission or the applicant will have to re-take the courses and start the process over again.

It is important that during this process the candidate locates a licensed broker to sponsor them as a salesperson.

Under no circumstances may an applicant serve as a real estate agent prior to licensure, therefore, the chosen broker must mail a request to the Texas Real Estate Commission to serve as the applicants sponsor.

You may begin your career as an active salesperson only after the brokers request has been received by TREC and they have mailed the broker an active license.

Applicants should know that an investigative background check will be performed prior to a license being issued. Unpaid student loans or other discoveries may preclude the applicant from receiving a license.

The road to becoming a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas can provide immeasurable success in the long term. A state-approved real estate school is the first step in creating a rewarding career in real estate.

In order to protect the consumer, the Texas Real Estate License Commission has put into place laws regulating real estate licensing. These regulations consist of a determined number of hours in coursework focusing on the principles of real estate and the law of agencies and contracts.

These courses prepare you for the state exam, resulting in the earning of a Texas Real Estate License. By completing this coursework online, you will be on your way to a prosperous career in Texas real estate from the comforts of your home! Courses include Texas state regulations, home inspection laws, and home appraisals.

We list down the Steps in Getting a Texas Real Estate License:

Author: Gemma-Leigh Garner

Gemma-Leigh Garner lives in Austin,TX and is a direct response copywriter that writes as on many different business financial topics.